Martian Greenhouse Project

RMMS is happy to share our hopeful partnership with an exciting project called Martian Greenhouse 4.0, where industry mentors can team up with student groups to provide insights and guidance. If interested, please read the information below and reach out if you would like to participate!


Dr. Emily Matula leads the mentor recruitment and support.

Topics: Food, Water, Energy, Structures, Systems


  • One Team Showcase Presentation from above dates (can be ppt, video, podcast, blogs, demo, etc.)
  • One Final presentation – (can be ppt, video, podcast, blogs, demo, etc.)
  • Project and Team Charter – Project Management Documentation
  • Two Collaboration Demonstrations  (videos of time spent with your mentor)

Approach: Student Driven / Teacher Facilitated / Industry SME inspired and Informed

Past Collaborations

MG 4.0 meets 4:30-5:30 p.m. every Tuesday online

Driving Idea: 

This student project aims to empower, excite, and engage students by launching a mission to grow plants on Mars. Through weekly meetups, students create a dynamic Project Proposal, which includes designing, planning, and collaboration with aerospace subject matter experts and other students. By the end of the term, students will be exposed to the basics of project management, considerations for the spaceflight environment, and basics of habitat design.

Tuesday Virtual Meetups: (4:30 – 5:30 pm MT/Belize Time)

  • teams check in – showcase progress
  • 30 sec lightning round updates, all teams (roses/thorns for week)
  • 2 reps per team provide updates -takeback updates to their teams – teams can rotate who does the updating

Each Week we will have a Spotlight Presentation (10 mins) to speak about a particular area that will help teams think of their ideas to growing food on Mars.